San Phoeno - Routed Slot Car Tracks

Welcome to San Phoeno, an online resource of information about designing and building routed slot car tracks. Since 2002, I have been enjoying one major area of my childhood... slot cars but as an adult, have the discovered the world of scenery and routed slot car tracks.


The website contains lots of photos of slot car tracks, both single lane rally tracks and multi lane raceways, scenery ideas and how to's. All of these things I have built or learnt over the last few years and hopeully they will assist others on their journey.


What makes a grown man want to play with little toy cars ? the exciting thing for me it having an idea, planning it, designing it, building it, using it and sharing it with other enthusiasts.


Now as a father to a young boy, who loves his cars and track as well, I get to enjoy it even more.


So take your time, have a look around and hopefully this site will help you build a better routed slot car track.

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